MEH Security
Welcome to MEH
MEH, or Moderately Ethical Hackers, is a security researching group based out of central Minnesota. More info coming soon
Club Schedule
Below you can find our schedule, past and future meetings, and content/resources for those meetings. Club Schedule
For easy contact and regular communication, join the slack channel. News on upcoming meetings, cyber-security discussions, and hacking are discussed here. Slack Link
QServe Phishing

QServe Phishing Demo

I just released QServe, check it out here:


As a demo usage of it, lets look at how to set up a quick phishing page!


Malicious Chrome Extensions

Malware in the web browser? That sounds cool.

Tools and Code
Here lies a bunch of useful tools and utilities to get you started.
Python Interpreter
Need a quick python interpreter? Use this! Python compiled to webassembly, executing in your web browser. Note the tool is coded to not load on mobile phones. Python Interpreter
JavaScript Interpreter
If you don't wanna wait for WebAssembly stuff, just fire up a JS environment. Also these two terminals can be loaded on nearly any page, using the icons on the top right. JavaScript Interpreter
Dynamic Analysis RE Tools

Below is a list of great reverse engineering tools for dynamic analysis.


The ultimate tool for visualizing memory, and reversing classes of live processes. Analyze Heap memory, reversing VTables, scanning memory, and generating C++/C# code are all popular uses for this tool.



Everybody needs a good debugger. x64dbg is a fantastic option, and is extremely customizable/expandable.


Cheat Engine

Easily one of the best and most popular memory scanners around, CE is an extremely sophisticated and versatile tool.

Cheat Engine

API Monitor

When shit really hit's the fan, or if you're just feeling lazy, it's never a bad option to pop open API monitor and see what a process is doing.

Mother-of-all RPM

The last ReadProcessMemory class you'll (probably) ever need! It can read/write memory in three different methods.

  • Standard WINAPIs (ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory)
  • Kernel Magic